Britney Spears Past, Present And Future

Never out of the spotlight, Britney Spears is a hot target for the paparazzi since her antics make us

wonder, just what was she thinking? Deemed not fit enough to take care of her own children when

recently stripped of her visitation rights, this doesn’t stop Britney from trying to change her bad girl

image, stay out of the celebrity gossip and straighten up.

All her partying, smutty clothes, drugs, and weird antics (think back to last year when she shaved her

head) has taken its toll as Britney Spears was hospitalized at Cedars Sinai’s after publicly being strapped

to a gurney and carried to a waiting ambulance.

Nowadays the latest celebrity gossip is all about Britney’s new boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, who

accompanies Britney and often acts as her personal chauffeur, on all her antics both in and outside of

the US.

With “”Rolling Stone”” Magazine coming out with Cover Story on Britney Spears will once again be one of

the most talked about celebrities, even though most people don’t think that the pop star will turn her

career around. It would appear that Britney Spears likes the gossip as seems to go out of the way to

make headlines. Police chases, erratic shopping sprees, not showing up in court all mean that people

just can’t get enough of Britney.

No longer the bubble gum pop star, Britney Spears’ image has done a 180 with some people predicting

that if she doesn’t change, her behavior will be the death of her.